Joomlers Against Fraudulent Forum Activity And Spam [JAFFAAS] is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters [OSM].

Any resemblance between JAFFAAS and actual persons, living or dead, or actual businesses, products, trademarks, places, events, locales, or events—past, present or future—is purely coincidental.

“Fradulent Forum Activity” refers to the intentional misuse of web-based discussion forums generally where such activities are deliberately deceitful, dishonest, or untrue.  We make no suggestions, actual or implied, that any internet-based discussion forum is constructed with the express purpose of promoting fraudulent forum activity of any kind.

“Against” does not imply that this is a protest movement by any person or group of people.  JAFFAAS is not a factional/rival/splinter group separate from, or with the aim in reducing the value of, the Joomla! project or other properties managed by OSM.  Our forum promotes a free, robust exchange of ideas and information; it is not an ersatz technical help forum; it is not a place for persecuting anyone or criticising anything simply because you may not like something.

Some people may interpret our ideas as “revolutionary” but they should not infer the intent of our ideas calls for reactionary revolt against the status quo.  Revolutionary ideas challenge the need for, and the value in, change to the status quo.  We simply state that there’s always room for improvement and that complacency is the enemy of excellence.

All the disclaimer notices in the world will not overcome objections or criticism from some people.  If there’s anything that you don’t understand then let us know.  We’re here to listen; not to preach.